How To Install Your IPTV on IOS? | worldwide iptv 2023

How To Install Your IPTV on IOS?

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How to install your IPTV on IOS?

How to install your IPTV on IOS 2022


GSE SMART IPTV is a complete user-defined Advanced IPTV solution for your iOS device. With a built-in strong player that supports most formats including M3U with options and XTREAM platforms

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to bring our IPTV service to your GSE Smart IPTV App. Begin by downloading the GSE SMART IPTV app on your iOS device. After that, you can enjoy watching world channels TV, movies & TV shows using our IPTV subscription service.

Download GSE smart IPTV

GSE Smart IPTV app is available for iPhone,iPad, tvOS, and Mac OS X. You can download it from the App store.
Download for iOS devices: GSE-smart-IPTV
Download for MAC OS X: GSE-Smart-IPTV-Pro

Bring DMTV Service to GSE smart IPTV
Install IPTV on GSE smart IPTV

1. Navigate to the XTREAM CODES API section from the app menu


2 – Press + icon to add XTREAM CODES


3 – Enter Xtream based details

In the Any Name field You need to set a name for your playlist (It can be any name you like), then enter the server URL, your username & password we provided to you, Turn ON Autoupdate EPG then press Login


4- Enter the created playlist and watch live TV channels movies & series


iPlayTV (Apple TV)

This app is only available on Apple TV and you can use this app to watch our IPTV service on Apple TV from Gen 3.

This is most popular with a smooth interface application for IPTV. We recommend it between all other available apps for Apple TV.

Install IPTV in iPlayTV on Apple TV

You need to install iPlayTV from the Apple TV app store. it Cost 5.99 USD

App in-app store: IPLAYTV

Then follow these steps :

1. Select ADD Playlist


open iPlayTV and select Add Playlist

2. Choose Xtream Server

There are 3 ways to add an IPTV list: M3U link (Remote playlist file), Downloaded m3u list (Local file), and Xtream Server. We recommend using the Xtream server method which provides you with more features like EPG and playlist auto-update.


3 – Enter Xtream server details

You need to enter the Xtream server details: Server URL, Username, and password which we provided to you after you buy your IPTV subscription.

Note: you need to enter a name for the playlist, It can be any name
Select Save


4. Channels and VOD loading

In the last the playlist loads channels, VOD, and EPG information.
Done! enjoy watching our IPTV service on your Apple TV.